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FAR 4.0: How to insert pictures into a post


This tutorial aims at providing some tips helping you to include pictures into a post. Before we start, some forewords. The picture file extension needs to be .jpeg, however, some other extensions such as .tiff and .gif can also make it.
Note also that you can include up to 10 pictures into a single post, each being limited to 500 Ko in size. This means that, depending on your picture source, a more or less high size ratio reduction will be required.
This being said, let’s dig into the topic. In this tutorial, we are going to learn together how to include a picture into this post. To make it simple, we make the assumption that the relevant picture is already in your PC (I’m not familiar with the Mac world).
The first thing to do is to retrieve the picture location in your PC. In our example, the path is indicated by the blue arrow on the following picture. The picture to include comes from an I-Phone6S and its definition and size are respectively 4032x3024 and 2.02 Mo (red arrow).

Tuto 1.JPG
Now, the next step is reducing the picture file size to less than 500 Ko. For this, we are going to use the Paint software. This software is very popular, it is found on a vast majority of PCs as included in the Windows pack. We start with a right click on the relevant picture; a window opens. Then, we click on “open with” (blue arrow), then on “Paint” (red arrow).
Tuto 2.JPG
The picture opens as illustrated hereafter.
Tuto 3.JPG
On this picture, at the bottom we can see its definition (4032x3024) along with its size (2.0 Mo). This picture obviously needs to be downsized by clicking on the relevant command at the top left (red arrow on the previous picture. The click opens a window at the top left.
Tuto 4.JPG
After having checked the “ratio” and “keep proportions” boxes are activated, we can decrease one #100 (either one) to a lower figure, down to 40 here, as a first try.
Tuto 5.JPG
Then, we click OK. The picture appears as hereafter. The image size decreased to 1613x1210. However, its size will remain 2.0 Mo as long as it is not saved.
tuto 6.JPG
Next step, we save the new image over the previous one.
Tuto 7.JPG
Now, the new size appears: 575 Ko, thus exceeding by around 20% the maximum allowed size. This means a new downsizing step is required. Thus, the same procedure is implemented once again, however keying 80 instead of 100 in the relevant box, as shown on the following picture.
tuto 8.JPG
After hitting OK, the new definition is 1291x968.
Tuto 9.JPG
After saving this picture, its new size is now 372,2 Ko, it can now be posted on the FAR. So, we make as many iterations as necessary until the picture sizes reaches less than 500 Ko.
Tuto 10.JPG
Now that our picture is set at the right size, let’s have a look to how to include it in a post.
At the bottom of a post, you can find the following band.
Tuto 11.JPG
When clicking on « Fichiers joints”, the band changes to:
Tuto 12.JPG
Then we click on “Ajouter des fichiers”. This action is going to open a window on your screen. Navigate to the folder containing the picture file to include in the post, as illustrated hereafter. In our example, the file to include is entitled IMG_2670 FAR, the same picture file that we downsized to 372 Ko previously.
Tuto 13.JPG
Next, we click on the file: IMG_2670 FAR, then on “open”. The file name is going to appear in the lower band of the post as illustrated by the following picture. Possibility is offered to add comments (caption) to this picture in filling the right box entitled “commentaire”.
Tuto 14.JPG
If we stop here, the picture will show up at the end of the post when you will send it. However, when a post contains several pictures, it has a better look when the images appear in the text at the same time they are mentionned. To place a picture at a specific location of a post, place the text cursor to the desired location, then hit the box “insérer dans le message”. As a consequence, a text link is going to appear at the text cursor location. For example, if I want to see the picture IMG_2670 FAR two lignes after the last line of text, I set the text cursor at the start of the second line below the phrase “ceci est un essai” and then I hit the box “insérer dans le message”. A text link leading to the IMG_2670 FAR picture will be generated at the desired location.
Tuto 15.JPG
When the post will be sent, the picture will replace this link, same thing if you click on preview (“aperçu”). Note that both the file name (IMG_2670 FAR) along with its size (76.98 Ko) appear below the picture.
Tuto 16.JPG
There we are! Now the ball is in your yard, you know how to include pictures in a FAR post.

For your own tests, please to use a dedicated message here.
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