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par Arno Samimi
Christian from Switzerland (Honda Civic Type-R Turbo FK2, Whats App, 05.06.2017):

Welcome +R, bye bye loose back! This was my first impression after the first test ride with the RSC Competiton Pro in my Civic Type-R FK2. For me personally, the Civic Type-R FK2 with active +R Mode and not perfect ground is not easy to drive. This has changed fundamentall. It’s indeed tight, but it dampens progressively and the ground contact remains much longer than before. Then there was the loose back. It makes fun, if you have to drive always under tension, but in the everyday business is a bit annoying. With pleasure, I realized that this property was now gone, and the Civic Type-R FK2 is now much better on the roads. It’s almost superfluous to mention, that the car can be moved around the curves better and faster. What is also exciting is, that I don’t miss the electronic OEM damper control at all. The adaptive damper system of the RSC Suspensions coilover makes the job outstanding.
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par Arno Samimi
Again some RSC kits for four different countries:
1x RSC Competition Light Öhlins Upgrade Kit LDZVT-OEH Mégane 3 R.S. -> F
2x RSC Competition Pro Öhlins Upgrade Kit PDZVT-OEH Mégane 3 R.S. -> D & UK
1x RSC Competiton Pro PDZ1N-RS (grey/yellow) Mégane 3 R.S. -> D
1x RSC Competiton Pro PDZ1N-TR3 (grey/red) Mégane 3 R.S. -> CH
RSC Suspensions wishes its customers a lot of fun with these!


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par Phil Tim
Qui sont ces pilotes ???? :D :D :D :D

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par Arno Samimi
Julian from D (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy, by Email, 21.10.2017):

Ok, then I give here now also my Feedback. I myself drive a Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy, which is now used more than Tracktool. Since I have installed the RSC Competition Pro in April 2017 with some further changes in the Autohaus Fahrbach in Bad Mergentheim (Germany), I have been able to test it in a long and versatile way. The first trackday on the Nordschleife was then already in April, and I had a cozy journey with the setting “7 clicks open” (= in the direction of soft) of max. 12 clicks. Already on the Highway, I noticed how the RSC Competition Pro coilover works much better with ground waves and edges (transverse grooves) than the original Cup suspension. In corners, such as a motorway exit, you notice much stronger side forces because of -2.5 degrees camber at the front axle and -2 degrees camber at the rear axle. Then at the racetrack, I adjust the RSC Competition Pro within 2 minutes on “2 clicks open” at the front axle and “3 clicks open” at the rear axle of max. 12 clicks. After 4-5 laps I had full confidence in the RSC Competition Pro and the new Set Up. I could instantly drive 15-20 seconds faster than before with the Cup suspension. The car goes more jagged and much faster around the corners, and in long corners it pulls the Mégane more inside than before with the Cup suspension. After other everyday tests I can’t fault anything. The RSC Competition Pro runs perfectly, is very stable and quiet when braking. On the race track of Anneau du Rhin (F) I drove the RSC Competition Pro completely closed (0 clicks open = max hard) to front axle and rear axle. It worked perfectly on the race track. With some modifications, such as the ATS GTR, Yokohama AD08R, brake cooling, Recaro Pole position seat etc., the Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy works on the Nordschleife and other circuits first class! This is also due the RSC Competition Pro. Thus the Mégane makes much more fun and is more and more at home on racetracks. I am very satisfied with the quality and the driving performance that was possible with the RSC Competition Pro, and I will continue to drive diligently and give feedback again with some further changes.
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