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par H Valette
Bonjour, (une version française de ce message est disponible ici.)

Some weeks ago, many FARNautes have reacted to the announce of a potential Alpine come back. Your reactions in FAR, has been readden by many people.
Some days ago, HCK company contacted me to propose you to participate to a debate about the future of Alpine. Sure, I accepted !
Here enclosed the HCK annoucement of this debate:


We are House of Common Knowledge, an online market and opinion research institute.

As you may know, Renault is considering bringing Alpine back to life (see for example here ... rs/259186/).
In this context, we have been assigned the mission to conduct a study among sports car owners, in France and abroad, in order to determine whether such a revival would be a good idea. More precisely, the aims of the study are to understand what the brand nowadays stands for, how well-known Alpine is, what it represents for its fans, but also, more widely, for sports car owners and even for people who just appreciate high-end vehicles with strong engines (such as a Mini Cooper S or a DS3 150 THP), what kind of vehicles could be developed by a new Alpine (their types, the underlying philosophy, the expected benefits, etc.).

More generally, reviving Alpine raises questions regarding fidelity to the past: what sense would it make to have Alpine back into the picture of the contemporary car industry? This is the reason why it is important for us to hear the voices of Alpine fans, whether they own an Alpine or have owned one in the past. We would very much like to have them give their opinion about the future of “their” brand.

The practical details are the following. The forum will be held from the 8th to 20th of December. If you want to join the debate (and we hope you do!), you need to fill this form in order to register. (if the link is not working copy and paste : ... SUU0QkE6MQ).
Once this is done, you will receive on December 8 an invitation by email (from “DEBATE”, which is the name of our online platform).

As we usually do, we will give a compensation to the administrators of the forum corresponding to 35 euros per participant who has been active on the forum. On top of that, each participant will receive an incentive, ranging from 15 to 50 euros, depending on the intensity and the quality of his or her participation.

We are looking forward to reading your messages during the debate,

Best regards,

Benjamin and Denis, for the HCK team
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions :

HCK debate web site is already open. So you can already register yourself.