Discussions sur la prochaine Alpine A110 PE, Pure, et Légende.
Discussions about the Alpine A110 PE. Pure, et Legend.
par Prestonese
These stops are also there in the Porsche Cayman. They can be adjusted to align the bonnet with those cars as well.

Apologies for the English text but we owners here in the UK have also the same issues with the bumper alignment on the right of all the cars I have seen. It would be interesting to see if anyone does anything about this at Alpine.

The new 718 had an even bigger panel alignment issue when they first came out so Alpine are not unique in that sense.
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par 4CNL
There are several issues with the panels:

Rear bumper opposite the top of the rear wings
Right front wing opposite right door

I wasn't happy with it and sold the car (PE)

I am waiting now for the more powerfull version, and hoping the the building Quality increases
par TestaDDS110
Le carrossier de la CC de Boulogne m'a fait la réponse suivante :

" Le réglage que vous avez effectué me semble sur les photos impeccable.
Nous aurions fait pratiquement la même intervention.
Si le résultat vous convient il n’y a pas besoin de passer en atelier."

Donc les butées servent à régler le capot.