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par T Falsetti
Hi Randall :wink:
Very good the film... and beautiful group 4 :drive:

When is the first race with G4 ?
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par Randall Lawson
Hello Thierry,
First test with new GrIV will be next Saturday at Zandvoort, first race a week later 1st and 2nd of May at Assen also overhere in Holland. After that we will travel to Spa, Zolder, Nurburgring (together with French Saloon Car series) and Zandvoort. We will try another race in France when we have the time for it.
I will drive my good old yellow GrII, the new car will be driven by my friend Ron Kluit, who was in the seventies a famous European Touring Car driver with a very big Ford Capri.

cheers Randall